Nisville Jazz Museum will begin the co-operation during this year’s Nisville jazz festival in August. This was agreed during the weekend in New Orleans by the director of Nisville, Ivan Blagojevich, and the director of the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Greg Lambousy.

The director of the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Greg Lambousy, will stay in Nis (Serbia) from August 2nd and personally design a new setting of Nišville jazz museum, one of the rarest jazz museums on the land of Europe, and help with the purchase of new exhibits. Lambousy showed Blagojevich rooms with numerous exhibits unavailable to regular visitors of the museum, with the instruments, plates and photos of the greatest legends of jazz music from the end of the 19th and during the 20th century.

Blagojevich said that he was fascinated by the system and organization of the museum, and that he was the most interested and attracted by the original trumpet of the best known New Orleans promoter, Louis Armstrong.

“I was told that the value of the trumpet with the collector exceeds is $100,000 but that Greg will try to find an acceptable offer for Nisville through members of the Louis Armstrong family who still live in New Orleans” said Blagojevich. 

Incidentally or not, the start date of this year’s Nisville is coincided with the start of the traditional Sachmo Sumer Festival – dedicated to the most famous jazz trumpeter.

Blagojevich stayed in the USA as a special guest of the New Orleans French Quarter  along with 10 other directors of the world’s most famous jazz festivals.


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