Last weekend in Zajecar (Serbia) in front of the audience in the Youth Center, the band Norman Beaker Trio performed for the third time there. With over two hours of good blues, everyone gathered in the now iconic live concert venue, in the city on two Timok rivers and enjoyed themselves.

Norman is among the first artists to help crystallize a unique British blues, R&B and rock sound that has resonated around the world. He kept his signature sound alive throughout his illustrious career, whether playing solo or with blues, soul and rock luminaries from both sides of the Atlantic such as Chuck Berry, Jack Bruce, Van Morrison, Peter Green, Buddy Guy, Ruby Turner and B.B. King.

“I think this is our third time in Zajecar. When we first came we didn’t know what to expect, but the audience seems to know a lot about what we do, which surprised us a lot, everyone was so welcoming, they knew us, and we had never met before. We love playing here” Norman Beaker told Giza Magazine.

Next stops are Greece and Bulgaria, and they have already toured a good part of Europe, among other countries they played in: Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and more. And they don’t plan to stop there.

Norman added: The tour is not difficult for us. As long as you are healthy everything is easy, I still have a lot of energy and if I were to stop, something would have to happen to contribute to that, I wouldn’t choose not to do this on my own. At the end of January 2023, we will start working on a new album, all the songs are written, we just have to sit down and put it all together, but I don’t know the name of the album yet (laughs).

Next Friday, December 9, band “Popečitelji” will perform at the Zajecar Youth Center. The band will arrive in its original line-up and announces a raucous ritual that includes revealing hits from their long lasting career.


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