The musician put on a rock and roll spectacle – once again confirming his status as one of the best live performers today!

The celebrated Canadian rock musician, Bryan Adams, held an impressive concert in Belgrade, organized by Skymusic in front of a full Stark Arena (Serbia), as part of his “So Happy it Hurts” world tour. The concert, with a thunderous ovation, began with the track “Kick Ass”, to continue with the hit “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started”.
Last night, the popular musician performed for the third time in front of the local audience, which was enough for him to get to know our mentality. During the evening, he joked about the fact that the concert started a little less than half an hour late: “I know you’re always late for events, so my band and I deliberately moved the start of the concert by half an hour, until everyone arrived,” he said. .
Nevertheless, Adams rewarded Belgrade with a true world-class rock spectacle – the Canadian rock star demonstrated an incredible vocal form from the first to the last track, and his band perfect harmony. Last night we were definitely reminded of what a top rock and roll gig looks like!

“I will sing for you as long as I remember all the songs in the repertoire, and then I would ask you to help me at the end and tell me which songs I missed” – said Adams at the beginning of the evening, at the same time referring to the fact that behind him there were as many as 16 studio albums with an impressive number of megahits. During the concert, he announced the release of three more albums – one with new tracks and two with previous hits, which further fueled the fans’ excitement.
The musician had hit after hit, and a particularly emotional moment was when he announced the song “It’s only love”, which he sang with the legendary Tina Turner back in ’84. years. “This is in her honor” – said Brian, and the fans supported him with applause and loud applause.

In addition to a perfect and flawless performance, Adams managed to create an incredible connection with the audience last night, which further heated up the already heated atmosphere, and the fact that at one point he asked the fans which song they wanted to hear shows how much Adams himself enjoyed the concert. So the famous rocker fulfilled the musical wish of a girl from the audience, so he sang “Only the strong survive” and after as many as three encores and two and a half hours of playing, ended the performance.


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