Most popular among the audience throughout the region, who for years have been building a successful international career, are returning to Tjentište. Dubioza Kolektiv on July 13 will heat the stage in one of the most beautiful national parks in this part of Europe – NP Sutjeska.

As always, in a very original way, they are inviting the audience to join them on Saturday, July 13th, where, along with their performance, the performances of Edo Maajka and Helem Nejse, as they themselves say, expect “real rumpus”.

The guys from the band took the opportunity and invited the audience to ecological responsibility, because it is important that even after the excellent three-day OK adventure, it remains as magical, natural and purely so far.
We will see you at Tjentiste on July 12/13/14. If you have not already, taken your OK package for a three-day stay at the sixth Nektar OK Fest do it now at


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