Although some of the media speculated on the potential performance of Whitesnake at this year’s the longest-running rock festival “Gitarijada” during the weekend, Whitesnake fans  can stop holding their breath because THEY ARE COMING! The band officially confirmed the news on their website this morning that they will open the 53rd “Gitarijada” in Zajecar (Serbia).

The Mayor of Zajecar, Mr. Boško Ničić, did not hide the satisfaction that David Coverdale accepted the offer to open this prestigious event and added Zaječar to a list of world cities that have the honor to include Whitesnake in their “Flesh & Blood” tour.

“Immediately after the end of last year’s Guitar Festival, when Billy Idol broke all records of the visit, the fans expressed their desire to see Whitesnake. We came in contact with the group, and Serbia has always been one of their favorite destinations so they agreed that Whitesnake will open this year’s Guitar Fest, to mutual satisfaction! As the oldest rock’n’roll festival in the Balkans, we have an obligation to give a better and better quality program to local, regional and foreign audiences every year, and I believe that Whitesnake will make a spectacle, and follow the record of the festival’s visit last yeat” said Ničić.

David Coverdale, one of the greatest singers in the world, is equally optimistic:

“We are really excited and we can not wait for the performance at the 53rd Guitar Festival, on June 27, 2019 in Zajecar! The guitar will therefore become part of a large and continuous celebration of the 40th anniversary of Whitesnake’s career. I am extremely honored and grateful that for four decades, along with millions of fans around the world, we celebrate love, good music and positive energy! Thank you for being with us in this fascinating mission! “

The three-day festival, from 27 to 29 June 2019, will be held in the same area on “Kraljevica” as last year.


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