The beginning was spectacular! A large number of fans frantically greeted the performance of the band, who started their set with the song “Gas in the Tank”. We listened to “Coast to Coast, Seventh Sun, Peacemaker” and then we quickly went back to some better times and the eighties, because the of songs: “Bad Boys Running Wild, Delicate Dance” followed…

With “Send me an angel”, the people gathered in Belgrade’s Stark Arena raised their phones at the request of singer Klaus, and this space was illuminated by numerous small screens, adding its own charm to the already great atmosphere. As far as we are concerned, in Belgarde Arena, Wind of change said: “Listen to my heart, stop the war”.

There were Tease Me Please Me, Rock Believer, New Vision, as well as numerous solos, and the encore songs, Still Loving You and Rock You Like a Hurricane that deservedly came.

Photo galery below:

Photo and text: Milena Ilić



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