The electro pop duo Nipplepeople has sold all the tickets to their concert on March 15 th (21:00) in the “Americana” Hall of the Belgrade Youth Center! The mysterious, masked female-male duo, whose two singles “Frka” and “Sutra” took over million views on YouTube, and last winter  sold out “Tvornica” in Zagreb, setting a record for domestic performers, and will now hold a sold out concert in Belgrade. 

Nipplepeople are a regional festival attraction and phenomenon. There is no official biography about them, there is an unknown identity of members who do not reveal the faces in the live or the photographs, nor give statements.

At the Nipplepeople concert on March 15th, in the Youth Center of Belgrade, the audience will be able to drink drinks exclusively from permanent glasses that are not thrown away. Time promotional house Long Play, with the support of the Youth Center Belgarde, continues the ecologically engaged action to reduce the use of disposable plastic glasses, which was recently launched at the manifestation “Days of Darko Rundek in Belgrade”. When leaving the Youth Center Belgarde, visitors can bring with it that glass as a souvenir, or return it to the checkpoint and get back 100 dinars.


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