AC / DC will release their new, seventeenth studio album, POWER UP (Columbia / Menart) on November 13 this year. They broke a six-year hiatus after the release of the album “Rock Or Bust” (2014).

Preparation for what awaits us is contained in their new single “Shot In The Dark”, but most importantly the lineup has remained unchanged, meaning that Angus Young [lead guitar], Brian Johnson [lead vocals], Cliff Williams [bass guitar], Phil Rudd [drums] and Stevie Young [rhythm guitar] are in their positions and once again ready for musical clashes.

There’s no change in production either, Brendan O’Brien who produced Black Ice (2008) and Rock Or Bust (2014) is there again. Equipped for the new decade ahead, AC / DC have recorded twelve new songs, in the recognizable sound of the band and in all their playing power, which they are very proud of.

The POWER UP album will be available in multiple configurations, from the digital version, through the disc (standard and deluxe), as well as on vinyl (180 grams, in a double cover). The limited deluxe POWER UP set will be the ultimate treat for fans, it will have a button on the side that activates the illuminated neon AC / DC logo when pressed, while the introductory bars of the single “Shot In The Dark” resonate from the built-in speakers. The interior of the set includes a disc of the new album, in a soft package and with a booklet of 20 pages in which there are exclusive photos of the group. There is also a USB charging cable, which allows the kit to be constantly lit and active. Limited versions of the LP release are also planned.

Songs on the album “POWER UP”.

1. Realize

2. Rejection

3. Shot In The Dark

4. Through The Mists Of Time

5. Kick You When You’re Down

6. Witch’s Spell

7. Demon Fire

8. Wild Reputation

9. No Man’s Land

10. Systems Down

11. Money Shot

12. Code Red

About AC / DC:

One of the most influential rock bands in history, AC / DC, has achieved an incredible circulation of over 200 million albums sold worldwide, while in America alone they have sold over 71.5 million copies of their releases so far. The double diamond circulation of the album Back In Black has made AC / DC the highest-selling group ever, and it is the third best-selling album of all artists ever, with the current circulation of 50 million, growing from year to year. The band entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, and won one GRAMMY award for best hard rock performance (“War Machine”, 2010). The band continues to play in front of sold-out stadiums on many continents, working non-working, selling millions of records a year and generating billions of digital views. With the new album, POWER UP, AC / DC invite you to turn on and get charged with good sound.

AC / DC doesn’t forget its young fans either. The POWER UP map will be launched this week. Activation will serve all fans to watch and participate in the conversation about the new album, using the hashtags #PWRUP, #SHOTINTHEDARK and #ACDC and thus expand the circle of acquaintances and fans in their region. When their chatter reaches a certain number, the characteristic lightning bolts representing each continent will be activated and begin to charge. Every time the lightning is charged, new content opens (videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and more). When the last parts of the lightning are filled, the video for the new single “Shot In The Dark”, whose official premiere is scheduled for October 27, will open.

(AC / DC-cover author: Josch Cheuse)



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