After the release of the 40th album followed by two singles and the release of a new book, the crown for the beginning of this successful 2019 came also with in a confirmation by the audience: Zagreb gala concert by Zoran Predin in Lisinski, entitled ” „Ljubavnik iz ormara (Lover from the closet)” is sold out!

Just like the most beautiful silk and fine clothes “from the closet,” this “lover of music” will perform the most beautiful hits from his 40-year long career, and on this special musical gathering, in Lisinski, on March 7, he will present some of the most lucrative songs.

The great concert, with the charming titled “Zoran Predin – The Lover of the closet” will be held tonight, March 7 at 20:00. Every seat in Vatroslav Lisinski’s concert hall will be filled, and there is no doubt that Zoran Predin, together with his music guests, will give the audience a great concert experience and an unforgettable evening in the open-air hall.


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