The legendary American drummer and percussionist Jamal Tomas will perform on the upcoming Nisville Festival on Saturday, August 10th 2019. During his career for decades, this multitalented drummer, producer and composer of some of the world’s biggest Funk & R’n’B compositions re-emphasized the public about ten years ago when he started a singing career. Asking why he turned to singing, he would answer that it was because he wanted to enrich the planet and love texts through his music.

Jamaal Tomas was born and raised in Georgia, and from an early age he was recognized as a child with musical preferences, and he learned very early to play drums and sing.

During high school he played drums in the school orchestra. After leaving school at age 18, he founded his first band The Planets, a funky band with 11 members. Shortly thereafter, a fateful encounter with R’n’B followed by singer Joey Simons, with whom he traveled and recorded more singles.

Stamina in the expression led to the fact that he soon became a highly sought-after drummer and worked for a long time as a musician at the Capricorn Records studio in Macon, Georgia, where the first hits recorded names such as Otis Redding and The Allman Brothers.
The second magical connection of Jamal Tomas to the scene followed the SOS band in America, Sandrine in Belgium, and since 2011, she has been moving around the world this time with the band Maceo Parker.
Jamal Tomas Band is a European funk band in combination with R’n’B with the experience of this famous American drummer. The band at the shows provides a sensational mix of old and school funk and an exciting variant of the new school of raw energy that passes you to the very center of the soul.


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