The Lira Vega group has announced on its Youtube channel the latest video for the song “Duhovi (Ghosts) from the album of the same name, released in 2015 for the publishing house Lampshade Media from Belgrade. The album has eleven songs, and the video for the title song is the ninth in a row from the latest release. The video was recorded at the FLUC club in Vienna, the camera is Dino Rekanovic, while the editing is signed by NIkola Vrzic.

The band Lira Vega is planning new concerts in Belgrade and the region, and the most recent is announced for March 29 at the Garage Club. In the meantime, the band is also preparing the fourth album of the work title “”Posledice rada (Consequences of Work)” and the current tour of the film “Duhovi iz prošlosti (Ghosts from the Past)” which arose on the great “Unusual promotion” of the album “Duhovi (Ghosts)” from January 2016. Namely, at the big concert / promotion of the album, the songs from “Duhovi” were performed by eminent guests, active members of famous Belgrade bands, and a one-hour film was premiered in KC Grad on January 16th this year. You can see the trailer for the mentioned movie at the following link:

The Lira Vega group exists since the late 90s of the twentieth century, and although there are fewer releases behind it, it represents the “lasting value” of the local music scene. The band consists of Vladimir Djordjevic and Zoja Borovcanin.


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