The legendary American guitarist and singer, actor and multimedia personality, Steven Van Zandt, better known as Little Steven with his great band The Disciples of Soul, will perform for the first time in Serbia on June 20th at the Main Stage of Arsenal Festa 09 in Kragujevac. 

Known for the role of Sylvia Dante in the hit series “Sopranos”, Little Steven has for decades been the “right hand” of Bruce Springsteen’s one of the biggest rock stars. As a versatile and charismatic lover in music, he uses every pause in Springsteen’s accompanying E Street Band to spread good vibrations, whether through his radio show, numerous lectures or, in particular, gigs with his The Disciples Of Soul.

Little Steven returned to his rhythm and blues roots with “Soulfire”, the first album in the last 15 years, which was named by the Rolling Stone as one of the best in 2017. Little Steven’s live performance is best documented by the recently released “Soulfire LIVE!”, A triple CD Box set edition, which appeared on seven vinyls and two Blu-Ray discs recorded during “Soulfire Tour” his first solo tour in the last two decades. (This release also includes guest names such as Paul McCartney, Richie Sambora, and of course Bruce Springsteen.)

The performance they are preparing for Kragujevac, Little Stevens and his The Disciples of Soul music can be recognized and enjoyed by those who are not familiar with their work because their performance brings joy, is infectious and celebrates life, and the live rock n roll live experience raises to an entirely new level . As the London Express reported:

“The magnificent rock and roll of the evening … If in music we can find comrades, exchange musical tastes and enjoy them, then Little Steven gives one more joyous connectivity with his performance.”

“For June 20th there is no better program than Little Steven’s guide through the history of all forms of American traditional 20th century music. It is a holiday for which I am solemnly preparing my curious ears” says the influential rock publicist Petar Peca Popović.

“Little Steven’s concert edition and his energy team are not lagging behind the main band, and he also has the joy of enjoying the musical history characteristic of Blues Brothers and similar guitarists of sound tradition. The audience of the Arsenal Festival can surely await an unusual good fun” said Dejan Cukić, Serbian musician.

A special feature of the his appearance in Kragujevac, Little Steven’s will be a lecture that will be held within Arsenal Fest on the history of rock and roll. As the founder of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, Steven Van Zandt will hold a free workshop “TeachRock Professional Development Workshops”. We will announce the way to apply for 50 workshop participants soon.

Music will always be the most effective and lasting source of inspiration and motivation for mankind, and we know that music has proven to be the most suitable shared ground for establishing a link between teachers and students, exactly where education begins” explains Van Zandt.


So far the following musicians have been announced, On June, 19th, Testament, on June 20th, Mile Kekin songwriter and musician, on June 21st, punk rockers Hladno pivo, June 22nd indie rock musician Kurt Vile and the Violators, legendary domestic band Partibrejkers, rapper Vojko V and alternative Vizelj .

The set of tickets for all four evenings of Arsenal cost 2.300 dinars (€19.48) while for individual evening the price is 1.000 dinars (€8.47) via


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