The Belgrade band KHEIRAWI & THE SHAMASASS released the blues EP “Bandits In Search of Mum” as a soundtrack for the film with the same name. More precisely, it is a music for the film “Bandits in the Search for Mom” directed by Kosta Ristic, a cinematographic performance that has been awarded multiple times at last year’s FEST.

THIS IS A STORY OF A MAN, A CHILD WHO IS SERACHING FOR SOMETHING, he does not even know himself for what. FOR LOVE, FOR FREEDOM, FOR his country, YOUR a place  UNDER SUN, AND EVERYTHING DOES SIMBOLIZES “MUM” IN ANY WAY. LOVE IS where mum is, Fatherland is where mum is, freedom in the end is where mum is, Playing IS ANOTHER IMPORTANT FILM MOTION – said Ristić.

Kheirawi & The Shamasass is a project led by Abdelraheem Kheirawi, the frontmen of rege band of the band FC Apatrida UTD, which started with the goal of creating music of various genres and cooperation with different musicians. In addition to him, Slobodan Djukic and Boris Usanovic (Jimi 3B 666 Blues Band / In From The Cold) on the guitar, bass and percussion took part in the creation of this EP release.

– The Shamasass is a non-permanent member band and I hope to cooperate with a handful of good musicians. How this soundtrack is of a blues genre, where you will find someone better than Djukic and Usanovic. We are waiting for many more beautiful editions of various genres, in the breaks of activism and engaged music – announces Abdelraheem.

When it comes to EP “Bandits In Search Of Mum” Kheirawi was in charge of texts and music, composed by Djukic, while production was signed by Usanovic.

“Bandits In Search of Mum” was published by the Dutch publisher Earth Works Outernational, which is also behind the release of “Third Worldism” the current album of the group Apatrida UTD. You can listen to the album, just CLICK HERE.

Photo by: Nico Pulcrano

Photo by: Nico Pulcrano


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