Happy Birthday! On this day, the legend of an even more legendary band was born, and his name is Steve Harris. He was born on  March 12th 1956 in Leytonston (London, England). The initiator of an inspirational epoch called IRON MAIDEN today turns 63, and does this fusion of energy and inspiration in one man really seem that way?! I do not think so! 

Stiv Haris/Photo: facebook@SteveHarrisUnofficialPage

He grew up in the eastern part of London. As a boy, he was obsessed with football (playing in West Ham United’s youthful position) and he could become a professional footballer without turning to music and chose the right path. He begins his musical career as a keyboard player, only to decide later on as a bass guitar. In 1971 Steve bought a bass guitar (a copy of “Fender”) which at that time cost 40 pounds and an exercise with his favorite records. He was influenced by Jethro Tull, but also other groups of that time, such as Black Sabbath, Jenesis (Early Period), Tin Lizzie … In the early seventies he became a member of the group – Gipsy’s Kiss. The band began playing the songs of others, and later their compositions. In 1975, he became a member of Smiler.

Steve Harris introduced a new style of bass guitar that is now called “galloping”. Becomes a role model for many bass guitarists all over the world and gets the respect of his colleagues. Impact: On almost all hey metal bands since the early eighties.


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