The jubilee, 20th anniversary of the Guitar Art Festival will be held from 12th to 17th March 2019 in Belgrade under the slogan Applause. The festival has succeeded not only to maintain continuity and to expand in several directions in its two decades, but this year also made a spectacular list of guests!! During 6 festival days, 9 big concerts will be held, and Belgrade will be visited by over 120 of the most prominent names of the guitar world from 35 countries.

At the press conference held on March 1 in the Belgrade City Hall, the program of the Guitar Art Festival was officially presented. The participants were addressed by Dragana Mitrović from the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Ambassador of Mexico Mr. Marko Antonio Garcia Blanco, Joakim Vaern Deputy Ambassador of Sweden, Maria Cristina Pereira from the Embassy of Brazil, Luuk Nijman from the Embassy of Holland, Maja Spanjević Kešelj from the Portuguese Embassy, ​​Johannes Irschik Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum, Tamara Bošković from the Italian Institute of Culture. The festival was hosted by 22 Embassies this year.

Bosko Radojkovic, founder and director of the festival, thanked the festival’s sponsors, also Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the City of Belgrade, who continuously supported the festival for 20 years.

Every day (12-17 March), from 13.00 hours during the festival, Press Point will be organized at the Kombank Hall, which will enable journalists to get information about the artists who will perform that night.

The repertoire of the jubilee Guitar Art is made up of twenty of the greatest names of the classical guitar, which will perform the second, third and fourth evening of the concert at 18.00. The audience will be represented by Brazilian virtuoso Jamand Kostaiz of Brazil, Bratislava guitar quartet and Kosta Kociolis from Greece, Duo Abreu from Sweden, Benjamin Verderi of the USA, Jeseok Bang from Korea, Marko Tamajoiz of Austria Anabel Montesinos from Spain, Artyom Dervoed from Russia, Djampaolo Bandini from Italy, Rafaela Smits from Belgium, and Thomas Miller Pering from Germany and many others.


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