The world-famous American band Pixies, who recently released the acclaimed new album Beneath The Eyrie, will perform on September 1 (8:30 pm) in 2020 at “Tashmajdan”  in Belgrade.

Thirty years have passed since the first and only cult Pixies concert in Belgrade today. The famous alternative band from Boston performed at the Student Cultural Center in 1989, already beginning to intrigue and attract worldwide attention to structurally and dynamically unusual but extremely exciting songs such as “Caribou”, “Gigantic”, “Where Is My Mind” “,” Debaser “,” Here Comes Your Man “,” Monkey Gone To Heaven “…

The Pixies enjoy the reputation of an extremely influential and respected band in the world today. Curt Cobain acknowledged Pixies influence in creating Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit anthem, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke points out that the Pixies changed his life, Bono of U2 called them “one of the greatest American bands ever” while praised also the great David Bowie, who even later edited the song “Cactus”.

Led by guitarist Black Frances, known for his surreal lyrics on UFOs, sex, biblical and other unexpected topics, as well as singing between pleasant calm and sudden mad screaming, Pixis has made a number of cult, noisy guitar albums today – (mini ) “Come On Pilgrim” (1987), “Surfer Rosa” (1988), “Doolittle” (1989), “Bossanova” (1990) and “Trompe le Monde” (1991).

Following the breakup of the band in 1993, due to fatigue and disagreement, Frances, guitarist Joey Santiago, bassist Kim Dill (Deal), and drummer David (Lovering) reunite in 2004, and the record is renewed, though now without Dil, with “Indy Cindy” (2014). With new bassist Laz Penchantin arrives Head Carrier (2016) and finally Beneath The Eyrie (2019), which possesses the angry acceleration, endless imagination and vibrant aesthetics of early Pixies albums, but does not copy them.

Tickets for the Pixies concert at Belgrade will be on sale December 6th at 10:00 AM through outlets and at Parterre and grandstands cost 2,500 dinars, while fan pit costs 3,000 dinars.

IMPORTANT! From March 1, the ground floor and the stands will cost RSD 3,000 and the fan pit costs RSD 3,800.



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