On Sunday, June 23rd, on Ernst-Happel-Stadion in Vienna, one of the best bands that ever walked the earth, AC/DC, blew up the Austrian stadion, as a part of their POWER UP TOUR EUROPE 2024.  

Photo: Milena Mima Ilić

Before the thunder struck Austria, stage was warmed up by The Pretty Reckless band. Formed in 2008 with a very successful discography behind them, they gave us an excellent performance before the great and the veterans of the world rock scene.

And then, it was their turn. Some would think that the band that has been on stage this long and through the entire shifts in the world music genre went in general, the public would change its opinion on them, but no sir; AC/DC has fans from 5 to 95!

Have you ever seen any other band bring the crowd to the hype level of breathing as one entity? I haven’t and I had my fair share of concerts, for over 20 years.  AC/DC is pure rock-and-roll and I love how they were always the best but didn’t let the new order shape them or change them.

Most special Young had to start the heat. The brilliant guitar player and founder, Angus Young, popped up in his recognizable red suit and made it look so easy to play and run, jump at the same time. Thousands of blinking devil’s horns started jumping along at the same time. Brian Johnson’s explosive and recognizable voice cannot leave anyone indifferent. The energy this band produces is inexplicable, untouchable but seemingly eternal. An unrepeatable experience and an extraordinary sound, a real raw rock sound, which was exactly what we needed and what we need.

Sometimes I wonder, if we had a 1-on-1 interview, what could I ask without them having heard the question once before in their long career?

Austria is ready for round 2, tomorrow, same place, same time. Thank you AC/DC for an incredible experience, Rock on! Cheers from Serbia.



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