Band Gospodin Pinokio, in translation Mr. Pinokio, from Serbia presents you a new single called “Totalna Bruka” which will announce a new release expected later during this year, under the čabeč of the publishing company RNR – Records from Belgrade. The song was recorded in the City of Kruševac in the Studio “Košnica” under the production baton of Zoran Vasić. Video for this song was done by Nenad Jovanovic Necan. This video represents the essence of a global misery in which the world is currently in and a clear message that  the fabulous West  isn’t a  fairy-tale any more and it hasn’t been for a long time as how it is often presented to us.

Pinokio has just started with the promotion from Pirot, where the band is currently performing at Studio Fuzz. On March 28th the bend will perform in Kragujevac  at Pivnica Gustav, then on April 18th at the famous Club Feedback in Niš, and on April 27th at Alternative Culture Center in Jagodina. The date of the Belgrade promotion will be announced shortly.


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