In a very short space of time, the spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19 has put the whole worldin an extraordinary and worrisome situation. A situation that we handle best by not doingwhat would otherwise seem like the most human thing to do when the world is against us– getting together.

Instead, we must now keep our distance to each other. We must takecare of our community by not being together.As festivals we know what community means to people. We are behind events that,if anything, are a celebration of life and togetherness. Every summer, we stand face to facewith the difference that the community does for the individual and for all people.And we see the importance of music, art and culture in this context.As festival organisers we take the current situation very seriously.

We are monitoring the situation closely, and we are all, as always, cooperating closely withthe authorities and the emergency services to ensure the best and safest environment for thefestival community. We share experiences and knowledge with each other. We stand united.Viewed in the light of these facts and with the knowledge that we have, we shall continuemonitoring the current global health situation throughout the following weeks, and togetherwe will communicate about any further decisions in this matter. Nevertheless, we all expectto carry through our festivals this summer.

We will stand united to make it a safe and soundexperience for our participants and the outside world. It’s about taking responsibility for theevents – and it’s about taking responsibility for the industry we’re part of.It’s an industry in which we, as major festivals, are the final part of a food chain wherethe smaller players – the artists, the venues, sound and light production and many more– are already suffering from the serious situation we are in.

They suffer so much that theymay not be able to recover if they are not given the opportunity to be a part of festivalslike ours.By carrying through our festivals this summer, we can be a crucial part of the survival of thisindustry.

We owe it to the community, the music, the art and the culture to assume responsibilitytogether!


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