Najnovije Grom Records izdanje We Worship Desaster konačno objavljeno. Dupli CD, 31 bend izvodi himne legendarnih Thrash Blackera.

DESASTER - flayer2015-web


  • KOLAC – Crypts Of Dracul, SLAUGHTERED PRIEST – Metalized Blood, GUERRA TOTAL – The Swords Will Never Sink, VOLCANIC – Sworn To Avenge, BLOODTHIRST – Beasts Of Wrath And Victory, BONEHUNTER – Venomous Stench, FATAL EMBRACE – Hellbangers, EXTIRPATION – Hellfire’s Dominion, SATANIKA – Symphony Of Vengeance, INVOCACION – Spare No Coward, TRIUMPHANT – Past…Present…Forever..; TERRORHAMMER – Devil’s Sword, NOCTURNAL WITCH – Witchcraft, TIRANI – And The Powers Above, THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL – Castleland, SANCTIFIER – Profanation

Cena izdanja u Srbiji iznosi 1000 dinara sa poštarinom. Sve porudžbine na:


  • FUTHARK – Hell-Born, SPEED COMMAND – Face Of Darkness, HELLOCAUSTOR – Teutonic Steel, LUX DIVINA – In A Winter Battle, WITCHBURNER – Divine Blasphemies, NOCTURNAL – Tears Of An Old Wizard, HELLSWORD – Alliance To The Powerthrone, IN CORPORE MORTIS – As The Deadworld Calls, WAR-HEAD – Nekropolis Kartago, INCINERADOR – Into A Magical Night, DIRGES – Expect No Release, ENOID – Sacrilege, EVIL – Thou Shalt Be King, SICULICIDIUM – Skyline In Flame / A Touch Of Medieval Darkness, GRAVES OF SAINTS – In The Ban Of Satan’s Sorcery

We Worship DESASTER - front cover



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