Contact 2019: extended concept, new locations, music exclusive. “Contact” announces its third edition for March – from 20th to 23rd March in the Sports Hall “Ranko Žeravica” Belgrade and there will be perforamnces by: Partibrejkers, Eyesburn, Goblini, Zoster, Urban & 4 i  and many others.

The music industry is a growing industry in which there are more and more professional people, not just enthusiasts, as it once was considered. Over time, it becomes increasingly important for the economic development of the region.

The contact conference in 2016 was precisely due to this need: networking of organizers and promoters of regional music festivals, tourist associations and organizations, cultural centers, clubs, and other cultural and artistic activities.

In just two years Contact has hosted more than 100 professionals in this field, organized as many music and art programs as it was attended by almost 8,000 people!

The contact provided answers to many questions from the sphere of music business and music activities in our region, primarily through educational workshops, panels, panels and, more importantly, triggered a new burning issues. They will be dealt with the third edition of this conference. 

As in previous years, the music program reveals the first, and this is its most exclusive part. And since there are names such as domestic bands Partibrejkers, Eyesburn, Goblini, Zoster, Urban & 4, concert fans already call the #Kontakt2019 a unique line up festival.


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