Today, a large regional social campaign #ShareLove. Its bearers come from Zadar, Novi Sad and Sarajevo, and other organizations and individuals from all over the Balkans are expected to join it soon. The news that Jure Zubcic from Zadar, through his courageous act, corrected graphite of hatred into an inscription that calls for love, has launched the entire region this year and many people have publicly welcomed this move in their social networks, but also through the media. Motivated by these and similar endeavors of prominent personalities, with the desire to expand and see such noble moves across the region, EXIT Foundation from Novi Sad, in cooperation with Munja Incubator of Social Innovations from Sarajevo, the most visited info platform for empowering young people and Festival 84 , launched a regional this campaign.

The action was launched today on social networks of all events from the Exit festival family in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia, where people are invited to post positive messages or examples such as this recent one from Zadar. The best and most authentic announcements on Instagram and Facebook that call for tolerance, love and respect among people in the region, including mandatory hegames of #sharelove and #tihabalkanskavecina, will be rewarded with tickets for EXIT, Sea Dance and Sea Star festivals. The action lasts until June 1st, and the collected messages will be directed directly from the stage at Exit and other festivals throughout the region.

Jure Zubčić from Zadar, whose creative move is a true example of the spread of love, believes that we have to turn to the future, not the past, from which we must draw lessons.

The nationalist are not determine the affiliation of the people to what they like to emphasize; they determine only the inability to create a better society. Society that lives from self-sufficiency, not accepting diversity, is doomed to failure. A clear and loud attitude, but also by acting on every hate speech, can be done a lot. Let’s start  step by step, so every next step will be easier – said Zubčić.

This initiative is part of the “Silent Balkan majority” platform, which was set up by EXIT in April 2016 in response to rising tensions among the countries in the region. It first emerged as an informal group of artists and prominent public figures, who made an open invitation to the public to counteract extreme nationalist rhetoric, today it is a wider front and regional movement for people-to-people cooperation, which is the majority in spite of the factual conflicts created by individual nationalist currents. In the organization of the “Silent Balkan majority”, numerous stands and campaigns were held, aimed at sending a loud message that people who understand the importance of strengthening good neighborly relations and mutual respect among peoples and individuals in the Balkans are far more numerous and do not want to be quiet!

EXIT is the only major festival in the world that emerged from social activism, and as such tries to show through all its activities the importance of community, unity and creation of a better society, which opposes hate speech and the fabrication of inter-ethnic conflicts.


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