Although they refused to do so for years, and emphasized in their public appearances that they were not and did not want to be part of any political option, the members of the band Dubioza Kolektiv seem to have changed their minds and become members of a newly formed party!
It seems that, like many other colleagues from the stage, they decided to grin in politics. I still remember the media appearances of certain members of this group in which they publicly called out or even cursed political parties, and today they still enter politics. We asked the members of Dubioz Kolektiv if they betrayed their ideals and why they violated the publicly given promise.

“We realized that if we want to change something, we have to start acting directly through the political system. Songs and art can’t do much. THE ROBOT DEMOCRATIC PARTY (RDP), led by its founder and president, Robot, ROBI MEGABYTE, is the first party whose ideals and political approach we fully support. The robot is a modern leader, whose algorithm implements the constitution and laws exactly as they are written and for him anomalies such as crime and corruption are impossible, for the simple reason that the robot has no relatives to employ and has no need or reason for anyone to be privileged”.

One of the main ideas is the normalization and regulation of the relationship between humans and machines, primarily robots. RDP advocates that all robots, regardless of the country of manufacture, have equal constitutionally guaranteed rights: the right to regular service, the right to regular software updates, and equal rights when running for office in the executive and legislative branches of BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Also, the fight against cyber-corruption and crime is our priority. We invite all people, especially young IT professionals, to join us, because there is a future in young developers. As our party president, Robbie Megabyte, would say, “The intelligence and wisdom of the politicians who currently run this planet is at the level of a computer processor from the 1980s.” This planet urgently needs a reset, and then an update of the system. “- said Brano Jakubović, president of the local board of the RDP in Zabrđe.

Members of Dubioza Kolektiv, together with party founder and president Robbie Megabyte, wrote and sang the official party anthem, the refrain of which you can listen to below, and the complete anthem will be premiered in the first episode of the second season of Dubioza Kolektiv Quarantine Show scheduled for Monday, October 19, at 8:30 p.m.




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