On Monday, March 11th, in the main hall of the Youth Center of Belgrade some of the most important pages of rock’n’roll history will be presented! This time, we will draw your attention to the two key authorship albums, signed by the two groups that are embodying this principle: The Kinks and Big Star, or their leaders – Ray Davis and Alex Chilton.

When, in 1969, the world famous British hitmakers The Kinks, as one of the most important bands of that moment, announced one of the first conceptual albums “Arthur” the critics welcomed them with enthusiasm. Not only did the panel have the weight of a serious novel part, but a thing called “Victoria” was one of the most popular of the year. Ray Davis appears here as a superior connoisseur and interpreter of the English spirit, and the recorder of the collapse of his size in pop cultural times.

The place of the Big Star composition in American rock music is unique – although they come from the birthplace of Rock’n’Roll, Memphis, Tennessee, they certainly were the most arrogant band of their generation. In 1974, their second album, “Radio City” presented them as the authors of one of the most inspiring collections of emotional pop-rock songs ever. Leaded by former Wunderkind Alex Chilton, here at the peak of maturity, Big Star in their time was not lucky – a bad publishing house and distribution, they did everything they did to go unnoticed. However, they left a deep impression on critics and other musicians, and the influence of this album grew over the years, to be recognized as an authentic masterpiece during the 1980s.


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